This quilt is has a modern geometric design. The blocks look like an interlocking puzzle causing the blocks to look like they are floating. The design makes a graphic, bold statement.
In any case, you will be surprised to find that the linkage effect in "Movement in Squares" is not that hard to achieve. The quilt top is quite easy, just a little piecing required!
Pattern $4.00

They say quilter are crazy they take large pieces of fabric and cut it only to sew it back together again. Well this quilt goes one more step. Cut a block and flip and sew it back together.  So a difficult looking block is not as bad as it looks to make. Fun class to learn a new way to make a interesting block.
This modern quilt is made with simple strip piecing, subtle background fabrics and vibrant accent fabrics. The diamonds are cut using the Creative Grid 60 degree ruler. If you have wanted to try the modern look this is the quilt for you.