Great scrap quilt!  Looks hard but it's really easy to do with some clever piecing and positioning!
The interlocking design is both colorful and clever, and will definitely become the centerpiece of any room.
The object is to have the orange and yellow "stand out" as the interlocking design, however, if that is not your choice of color please feel free to change the fabric to your preference.  I used Grunge Polka Dots and Grunge Cream Solid
Pattern "New Hue" from Kanvas Studio. $5.00

Learn to make the Peaky & Spike part of the star with perfect points!  The 9-patch part is also quick and easy.
This can be made with fabrics already in your stash or you can use as few as 2 colors-1 for background, 1 for stars and chains.
Choose your colors for maximum contrast.  Light or dark backgrounds work equally well just make sure you have adequate contrast.  Stash friendly.
Confident Beginner-Advanced
Handout $4.00  several sizes. Template.  $14.00 + tax and postage.
Approximately 30in x 44in area rug made from one Jelly-Roll,  or  2-1/2 inch fabric strips, and 100 percent cotton batting. No wrapping, braiding, weaving or crocheting. Just pure sewing Bliss!  This rug & pattern was created while admiring antique rugs. After seeing the methods that were currently available,  Roma decided that she wanted something totally different & Behold, the Jelly-Roll Rug came to pass!
Sort out the colors the way you want to them go, then we will add the batting strips and make a beautiful rug to use in your house. This is a fun sewing class, and after making one you will want to make another one.
 Oval RJ Designs "Jelly Roll Rug Pattern" by Roma Lambson required

 Breezy day-  in this class we will use the QCR mini ruler to take all the frustration out of making curves. The curved piecing will give us the look of pinwheels blowing in the wind. If your never done any curved piecing this is a great class to start with as we will make blocks and then cut them to the correct size.
Book "Mini Wonderful Curves" by Sew Kind of Wonderful $18 pre-order from teacher($23 retail) QCR mini ruler $15.00 pre-order from teacher ($19 retail)

"Weeds are just misunderstood wildflowers!" We all love Wildflowers!  So why not create them using fabrics and threads so we can enjoy them all year long! These little blooms will be made of hand dyed fabrics and threads creating little pieces of art to hang individually or to hang several on a ribbon like a wish flag or prayer flag. They could also be framed or made into a fabric book of blooms!  Join Susan for a day of learning embellishing techniques layering fabrics such as hand dyed cheesecloth, osnaburg, velveteen or linen, then hand embroidering using unique stitches including "stumpwork" (raised embroidery).  ***Pattern $10
Kits will be available for $20.00

This class is all about learning to increase your confidence in sewing with cork fabric.   Six small projects will get you sewing with cork like a pro, and inspire you to add cork fabric accents to everything. Cork comes in a rainbow of colors, and it's eco-friendly, maintenance-free, pliable and hypoallergenic-making it an irresistible choice for all sorts of handmade gifts.  Projects: Eyeglass Case, Lucky Penny Wallet, Little Glam Bag, Tassel, Luggage Tag, Coupon Carrier
"Little Glam Bag" pattern $10.00

This quilt is from the book, Red and White Quilts.  In the book, it is called Happy Accident and is by Susan Ache.  I suggest that you purchase the book to be fair to the designer.  I will show you a couple of other quilts from the book.  I will be sending you cutting instructions before class, and giving you the option of three different size blocks.  You can make if scrappy, and clean out a lot of stash, or stick to one color scheme.  You will need a basic ruler to cut strips and a right angle triangle for the rest of the cutting.  (More about that when you get your supply list.)
If you have never made a strip tube quilt, then this class is for you. If you have made one, then you know how fun and easy it is. This method gives you perfect squares without trimming. You need a jelly roll, background fabric and one solid fabric to make the blocks. This goes together very fast. If you have a strip tube ruler, bring it, if not an 8 ½" square ruler or bigger will work. The pattern is $9.00. Let me know if you need one. I will have them in class.